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I saw my regular neuro this week, and also consulted with a new one. Kind of weird when the things you are describing are unusual for the experts. Between the persistent flickering and afterimages, the four hour auras (visual disturbances) alternating with full-blown vivid hallucinations, the ability to influence said hallucinations, not just having visual disturbances, but also hearing things that aren't there and smelling things that aren't there, and feeling at times like my hands and feet are very large or I'm very tall ("Alice in Wonderland" syndrome), I had one neuro saying that there are about two paragraphs in the professional literature related to persistent aura and it's highly unusual, and the other saying that she's only ever had one other patient with anything like what I'm describing (and then not all of thing things, just the long auras with hallucinations - and the other person happens to be on anti-psychotics, which I am not).

It's a shame I can't make some money by volunteering for studies. Maybe I'll have a paper written about me at some point. My brain is freakin' weird, even to neurologists.

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I'm not a giant oatmeal fan, but I just bought a giant box of Quaker instant oatmeal at Costco, since it's quick and goes down easy when I'm feeling oogy. Four flavors, but each one has a different number of packets. So pick your favorite/least objectionable so I can see if it sorts the same way....
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Maple and Brown Sugar
13 (68.4%)
Apple and Cinnamon
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Cinnamon Roll
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Regular (aka plain)
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The STAR WARS Holiday Special

Amazon has the complete series boxed set for $180.

Beijing's penis emporium

I've had about enough of getting up at 5:15 so I can make it downtown for training at 8am. I'm most definitely not a morning person.

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As if I didn't have enough fodder for nightmares.... an octopus that lives in trees.

Just a new icon.

Best Picture Nominees - bolded if I've seen 'em.
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Here's Zilla playing with her mom (in the brown leather collar) and her older sister (in the purple collar). Zilla's almost 12 weeks old, and was 29 lbs when I weighed her two days ago.
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